Affiliate Marketing Business Model

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Involves selling of products that belongs to someone else, then earning profits in the name of commissions.

Affiliate marketing has been an old business model where by it involved being settled with some funds after helping someone to sell their commodity. Those money or payments given to the seller is called "commissions ".


This business model has been modernized in recent times as it has gone digital. That is people are now selling both physical and digital products online and they are making commissions daily.

These digital products ranges from Courses, ebooks, services and the likes. These products are enlisted on a platform where Affiliate Marketers get to access them and start making sales effortlessly.

To be able to sell online one ought to have some skills, these skills will enable them to be able to do the sales processes from the funnel creation down to closing of sales. 

This same skills I will show you and guide you on how to develope them and make as much ad 350k to 400k in a month just by selling products that belongs to other people. You don't need to have a product to start.

I will just be showing 20 people this steps.

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